Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Big Break" - Month 1

The first month of us taking a break resulted in what we expected - NOTHING.  Even though I'm kinda happy about it because now I'll be able to ride the rides @ Disney and drink @ my former roommate's wedding, the day that AF shows up is always a sad one.

I just had something I needed to spew out, and I don't want to spew it to too many IRL people, because.....well, just because.

We were at our friends' house last night for a cookout.  They're much older than we are (as are most of our friends), and their 20 year old daughter had a friend over.  My friend M starts telling me the story of this girl.  She turned 19 yesterday.  She showed up at their house - a friend of hers dropped her off, she has no car - and she had a big satchel and M said that she'll most likely be staying at their place for a while because she has been kicked out of her parents' house and just migrates from place to place.  I'm not sure what she does for work or anything.....but they went down to our friends' hot tub and got in, and my friend's husband, D, says, "Should she really be in that hot tub since she's pregnant?"  Oh yes, of course she is.  The 19 year old homeless girl is pregnant.  Fantastic.

My stomach dropped.  My mouth hit the floor. Apparently this is the second time she's been pregnant, this is with a different guy than the first, she had a MC with the first one, but she's 14 weeks along now.  And the guy isn't around.  And she's basically homeless.  I guess M's daughter mentioned the idea of adoption to this girl because she said that she didn't know how she thought she was going to take care of a baby living the way she does.  I guess this girl got really upset and the subject was dropped.  M then says to me, "Yeah, when my daughter said that, I immediately thought of you and Grouper. That would be perfect. "

Well, I think it'd be less than perfect, but the wheels nonetheless started turning in my head.  This baby will be here between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  We already have a room ready.  We wouldn't have to go through the complete adoption process, we'd just have to hire a lawyer to iron everything out.  I mentioned it to Grouper once we got home last night.  His response was, "Absolutely not.  I can see it now, she'll show up on our doorstep every few months and want to see the kid.  No way.  We know who she is.  She'd know where we lived.  She'd have a connection to us.  It would never work."

And I guess it probably wouldn't.  But, man........sigh. 

I don't think I'll ever understand why things happen the way they do.