Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm all over the place

So I'm pretty sure that we have no shot this month because Grouper left for his fishing trip two days before I expected to ovulate.  We had one "last ditch" effort, and honestly, I didn't even think about baby-making during our little rendezvous, it was more about me saying goodbye to my husband since I won't see him for 10 days. 

The on the afternoon of the day that I said goodbye, I had the most EWCM that I've seen in a couple months.  I didn't find it exciting, I found it ironic.

Now my temps are all over the place. I have dotted lines for my crosshairs.  I have been traveling during these past few critical days and I've woken up to take my temperature and my thermometer has felt cold to the touch, and my temps have been low. 

FF has given me a O day of day 12 after I discarded today's super low temp (my thermometer was like an ice cube!), but it was previously on day 10, which makes ZERO sense, especially since my period lasted for 9 days this month.

As a sidenote, I seriously think that last month could have been a chemical pregnancy.   I never took a test because I started spotting the day my period was due, but (TMI alert, y'all) normally my period is super heavy the first two or three days and then is light for three or four more.  Last month, it was barely there for the first two days, and then on the third day, it was BEYOND heavy and I had the worst cramps ever.  On top of that, it lasted NINE days.  But I'll never know, because I didn't test. 

We're giving it a go on our own for 1 more month....then it's off to the doctor for us.....I can't stand this anymore.


  1. I'm right with you, Gidget. One more month to try and then time for treatments. It's sad that it's come to this, but I'm so tired and drained (LG and I both are) that we need some help to carry on. I hope that good things are in store for us both soon.

  2. *hugs hugs hugs* I will keep my fingers crossed. You know I thought I was out the cycle I got this BFP too - I thought there was NO WAY I'd see two lines!

    But if you are, I hope the doctor is able to help you out, quickly & easily!

  3. Good for you, making that appointment. Of course I hope you won't need it! But it will be nice to get some answers, if you do need it.

  4. I agree - give it another month, then talk to the doctor. It'll help give you some guidance, and maybe that'll relieve some stress! Thinking of you!