Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's on the calendar....

I had a really rough night last night (I'm home alone until tomorrow, y'all....that makes my mind wander before bed), and so after sitting in bed feeling bad for myself and wanting nothing more than to be pregnant (but hey, what else is new?), I woke up this morning and called my doctor.

My appointment is set for October 12th at 10:15am.  It is just my basic "yearly" visit, since it will have been a year since the MC by that time, but I am definitely taking all of my charts and I'm going to get everything out in the open with my doctor.  She's great, Grouper met her when I went to her for the MC (he went with me, how sweet) and he loves her, too.  She has really good bedside manner and I am completely comfortable when I talk to her.  It feels really good to have a date set on the calendar...something to work towards, I guess.

When I started AF on Monday, I was bummed (surprise), and as I mentioned in my previous post, I finally broke down and ordered OPKs and Pre.seed.  Those were the two things I swore I'd never do....but hey, IF does crazy things to us, yes, ladies?  I am actually semi-excited to try these things out.  And this month will be our "let's just see what happens" month, and next month, we're going to the doctor and getting down to business.

SO.....I want some advice, because I have no idea about preseed or OPKs or what to ask my doctor.  I have attempted to be as clueless as possible about those sorts of things, because hey, let's face it, I've been really busy trying to pretend we don't have issues for quite a while now.  Any advice is welcomed. 

In other news, I met Tarah (aka Crossed Fingers) for dinner IN REAL LIFE last night.  We had a blast.  It wasn't that weird meeting someone I've never seen or spoken to on the phone, surprisingly...she's fun and great and cute and has the most adorable 13 week baby bump I've ever seen.  You know what else I found so refreshing about meeting her?  Pregnancy has made her very "zen...."   I never met her before, so I can't attest to how she was pre-baby, but oh my goodness, when I saw her face......the calmness, happiness, and joy just exuded from her pores.  I want that.  And I think that the best way to get it is to surround myself with people who have watch out, T.....I'm going to hang with you every single day!  Hahaha. :)  Seriously, though....if you can find a friend that can "get" what you're going through IRL, I'd strongly suggest it.  It makes life so much easier!  :)  Thanks for the great date, Tarah!  Hope we can do it again soon!


  1. Yay for meeting blogging friends in real life! So much fun!

    I'm glad you've got such a great doc and that you have an appointment on the calendar. I don't have any advice because we aren't trying for a family just now, but I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

  2. AW I'm blushing! You're just so sweet. We better do it again and soon, I need a walking buddy asap!

    As far as the pre-seed - mine came with an applicator to use. Fill it like a syringe and put it up there pre baby making. We did that once and then just used it as regular lube after that. When we finally got KU we weren't using anything.

    OPKs are best if you use them the same time each day and after 3 PM is best (if you can do it twice a day even better - some people have quick peek periods) If you don't get a + OPK don't worry - they never worked for me.

    Bring in your charts for sure, write down any and all questions you may have for your doc and question what your next steps should be. Be 100% honest about yours and Groupers past and current health issues. No question is too out there.

    I have a friend who lost her dad and then m/c a few days later. She asked the doctor if it was from the stress of what she had been going through. He said no but then (thank GOODNESS) asked her how her dad passed away - turns out he died of a blood disorder that very well may have been the cause of her m/c and if they hadn't caught it - she may have continued to m/c until they did an extensive blood work up.

    So ask questions - throw ideas out there and best of all - feel comfortable with your doctor, never let him or her make you feel like you're asking stupid questions. My doctor doesn't blink an eye when I ask questions I wouldn't DARE ask my previous doctors!

  3. I have experience with both-- preseed we used once or twice, but it was so damn slippery that I did not enjoy it one bit. And fumbling around with an applicator before having sex just felt weird. If you have better experience with it, I say go for it. People whose problem is 'hostile CM' have had great success with it in helping to get pregnant.

    As for opk's, I never got a + in the afternoon, I ONLY got positives using FMU. So I'd recommend testing twice a day until you see what time of day your positive comes.

    Good luck!!! This cycle has got to be it!

  4. It's so confusing when you hear conflicting information. My RE told me to do all of my OPKs between noon and 2pm when I took Clomid. :)