Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reality check

We bought a new car this week.

As we were sitting there with our salesman finalizing the deal, a lady walked in....she looked about 16-20 weeks pregnant. She handed our salesman some keys and he looked up with this look of complete love and said, "Thanks, sweetheart."

As she walked away, he told us that the lady we had just seen was his wife, and that she was working for the car dealership driving cars back and forth during her pregnancy since she was high-risk. He then said that they had lost three babies (the first one was a stillbirth at 7.5 months, followed by 2 miscarriages), so that it was very important that she took it easy.

Since I had this huge lump in my throat and had to stare at the floor to keep from crying, Grouper then said, "Wow, that's really rough. I'm sorry. We've been going through some of the same stuff ourselves, although not as extreme." That surprised me, in a way....I've never heard him mention any of our TTC issues to anyone other than me.

I immediately had to look down again to keep from tearing up. The salesman asked what happened, and Grouper told him that we had a loss last October and that we were still trying. The salesman told us the story of the loss of their son last summer and told us how they had just kept their faith and that eventually the love, support, and strength that they had for each other and in their marriage had pulled them through. He said they're obviously not out of the woods yet, but they keep as positive of an attitude as they can and take things day by day.

It was so refreshing and amazing to see the strength and positivity that just oozed out of this guy's every pore. It made me realize that we can do this, and even though things are hard now and could get harder, we still have each other. The rest will fall into place at some point.....I just have to remember that the time line isn't up to me.


  1. It's so amazing how God gives us words of comfort and strength from unexpected places :-)

  2. This story is making ME cry, too. Oh, I really hope this one she is pregnant with makes it!! And I KNOW that you and Grouper will be wonderful parents soon.

    And... congratulations on the new car!

  3. It is amazing that even through loss, pain and tears you still can achieve that dream. :)

  4. It was a much needed wake-up call/hopeful thing. Sometimes I forget that people DO prevail after going through such horrible HORRIBLE was just nice to see it first-hand. I just hope that this baby makes it, for their sake.