Monday, October 25, 2010

And so it begins.....

It's been a long day for a lot of reasons.  The new puppy is fitting in well with the familiy, but the bottom line is that she's a PUPPY, and she has a lot of learning to do.  That can be frustrating for me and our other "behaved" dog, especially when we're home alone while Grouper's out of town.  We're managing, though, and I guess the overall helplessness and the sleepless nights are decent practice for a baby.  :)

I called this morning to make my appointment for my blood draw tomorrow and realized that TODAY is CD 3, not tomorrow.  Unfortunately I realized this after I ate breakfast.  Oops.  The nurse practitioner had me wait until the afternoon and I went in and had my first blood draw.  I'm not sure exactly what this one is looking for...maybe it's just a starting point.  I go back in a week, and that one is the one where I have to fast and they test my glucose and my thyroid.  Then, I will use OPKs to find out when I'm going to ovulate, and when I'm on my peak day, I am to go in again.  There will be one last test this month, and that will be 8 days after ovulation.

I am so ready to have this done and know what to expect next. 

I found out that apparently my MIL thinks that this testing is "unnecessary" and that we need to stop stressing out and when we relax, it'll happen.  Ha.  Thank goodness she didn't say that to my face, she said it to my SIL.  My SIL stod up for me and said that all things considered, she thinks we're handling everything quite well, and that after two years, we are being "proactive" by being tested.  Thanks, SIL.

On top of that and my period coming two days late and totally screwing with my head, my mom called and told me that she saw one of my old high school classmates at the store, who told her that another classmate of mine (who is unmarried, doesn't have a steady job, and has a boyfriend who has a bunch of kids with a bunch of different women), is pregnant and that I'm apparently on the list to be invited to her baby shower. JOY.  I haven't talked to this girl for like five years......why would I be on the list?  Not only that, I couldn't believe my mother, the woman who struggled with infertility for nine years, would call me up to tell me something like that out of the blue.  Ugh.  She could have at least prefaced it with, "I know you don't wanna hear this, but...."  I think it wouldn't normally bug me, but she called the day I started my period.  Gag.  I know, I'm whining, but sometimes I have to.

Ok, I'm gonna get back on the positive track, right now.  This is the last month that we'll have uncertainty.....soon, we'll have answers and we'll know what to do next.

And if I get my Christmas/birthday wish this year, I'll be pregnant by Christmas.

I'm off to find my stationery.....I might just write Santa a letter this year.  :)


  1. Unexpected pregnancy announcements are always hard -- for me, even if they are prefaced with "you won't like to hear this, but...". Sigh.
    But moving on with testing sounds good! And I'm glad SIL stood up for you. Do you have Mel's book, "Navigating the land of IF"? She explains the usual tests and what the are good for -- certainly worth a look!

  2. Good luck with the testing. I think it is a great thing as you need to know what you are dealing with. I loathe the just relax comments, the only good thing about being where I am now is that people have finally stopped saying that (only took 3 yrs !!).
    Can you add me to your letter to Santa? I don't even celebrate x-mas but, hey, it couldn't hurt right? Let me know if you have any questions as you start testing.