Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to know how you would react.

I posted this over on my other blog this morning.  Most of you probably read both blogs, but for some of you who may not, please go check this out. 

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I am so hurt by what my "friend" said to me today that I can't get it out of my head (once again, if you don't know the back story, there are links over on my other blog). 

So, those of you who have suffered a loss, have you ever had someone mock your loss or use it against you in an argument?

I just told Grouper about it.  He said, "Smile, hit delete, and move on.  You don't need someone that toxic in your life."

So I'm going to try my best to hit delete and I'm going to pray every day that she never has to suffer through a loss, because then she'll realize exactly how hurtful her words were.


  1. I commented over on your other blog already, but I think Grouper is right. She clearly doesn't "fight fair." To suggest that you might be responsible for your baby's death--even as she disavows doing so--is horribly cruel. From all that you've said about her, she sounds very selfish and self-focused and you don't need that right now.

  2. You know how I feel about all this - her loss, not yours. You're a bigger & better person than she is so F her. *hugs*

  3. Wow! Having just read the previous posts for the back story, I am shocked. It saddens me to think that anyone could imagine saying somehting so mean. I agree that you do not need someone in your life like that. I am so sorry that this happened to you.

  4. I'm sorry. This is a very hurtful comment. I have had people minimize my pain from waiting (as "it's not really that long" -- we'll see when they are trying what "long" is, I guess), but not in such an aggressive way. I'm with Grouper, although I can see that it's hard. (hugs)

  5. I am sorry sweetie. That was just uncalled for. I don't know how I would react if that were me, but I think your husband had the best advice. Adios! No one needs friends like that in times like this. Big hugs darling.

  6. Wow, what a horrible, horrible analogy! I guess she just wanted you to understand that you had hurt her, but to actually DEMONSTRATE this by saying something so deliberately hurtful to you... well, that was pretty damn low. She sounds very immature (and the fact that she thinks drinking until blackout and sleeping around are things that just 'happened' to her also supports my assessment of immaturity). NOT WORTH IT. You are a loyal and true friend, but in this case she doesn't deserve it. I suggest not going out of your way for her ever again!