Sunday, July 25, 2010


I never bothered taking that test because my temperature started the "nose-dive" yesterday morning and fell even further today.  AF is here, even though so far it's just been light.

I am bummed, but I honestly can say that this time I really wasn't expecting anything different.

Next month we'll have *one shot* to get pregnant....Grouper leaves for his fishing trip (10 days in Northern Ontario without a cell on Aug 5th and it looks like I will most likely O around the 7th, so we'll say "farewell" in the biblical sense and see what happens. 

The month after that will most likely bring OPK sticks (eww) and the month after that we're going to the doctor.

Hey, if nothing else, we have a plan.


  1. Oh Gidget, I'm sorry.
    If it's any consolation (probably not, I know), same situation over here.

  2. I'm sorry...I know it's beyond frustrating for you. But, have a plan...AND I know this hard for you and you're coming off sounding so positive, with having a plan and all.

    Hang in there.

  3. :(

    I'm sad for your cycle, but happy for your plan.