Friday, July 23, 2010

Do I dare???

My temp went back up a bit today, which I took as a good sign, I guess.  Then I overlayed this month (light blue) with two previous months, and now I'm not as excited.  There are no signs of spotting today, I am still really tired, and my eyes were dry again this morning.  It seems I have a more sensitive smell, too, but that could be because there are lots of different smells when there are people moving all of your stuff out of your house.  For example, right now, I smell stale smoke, rubber mats, cardboard boxes, and tape adhesive.  Yuck.  I've been sneezing a lot, too, but that could be because of all the dust that hides under furniture that hasn't been moved in three years.

I don't have any tests here...they're all under my bathroom counter in Michigan.  We're leaving tonight to go there for the weekend, so I'll test either later on tonight--if I can't handle the suspense--or first thing tomorrow morning.  I almost want to wait and see if my temperature does the obligatory dip.  I'm really REALLY nervous for some reason!

I just can't stop analyzing my chart--yet I still can't come to a conclusion. Grouper saw it this morning and said, "I hate your charts.  They're either a big fat no or a maybe, never a yes!"

Tell me about it.