Monday, July 12, 2010


This chart is totally messed up.  The hot weather is really giving me fits with trying to chart my temps.  And last night I had a few glasses of wine at a BBQ (yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have, but I haven't had any reason lately--you know, like in the last nine months--to think that I am pregnant, so I'm trying to enjoy my summer and my last few social gatherings here in Canada).  When we came home, we forgot to turn the fan on and Grouper woke up at 3am sweating and turned it on, so I think wine + no fan led to the big spike. 

FF is saying I O'ed on day 12...I don't believe that.  I think it was on day 15 again, but I can't be sure, of course.  Once we're done traveling so much, I'm going to finally break down and get some OPKs, I think.  Maybe next month....we'll see.

We timed our extra-curriculars pretty well this month, but I don't really think that I'm pregnant.  I've become quite the pessimist--I'm afraid to be excited or hopeful because I'm tired of being let down.  With that said, I am SO tired today (even though I got at least 10 hours' sleep on Friday and Saturday nights and 8 hours last night) and I'm starving all the time.  It's too early for symptoms, I tell myself.  I won't have them anyway because I'm not pregnant. 

As most of you know, the conversations you have with yourself after this many months of TTC can get quite interesting.


  1. Yay for OPK's and not charting!!! You know I've been advocating that all along... I think you are right, though, and FF is wrong. Day 15 looks more like it to me.

    Also, I don't think you should worry too much about drinking right now-- no way will it have any effect on the fetus yet.

    I hope your symptoms mean good things!

  2. I think it's 15, too. I often felt that FF pushed my o date earlier than it was.

    Boy ,do I ever know those internal conversations. "Maybe this worked." "It can't have worked." "But maybe it did!" "No, it didn't." "Stop being such a downer!" "Stop being such a patsy!"

    Good luck, Gidget. I hope this is your lucky month.

  3. Enjoy that wine! In mid-cycle it won't have any effect on a possible baby anyway. The heat is messing my temps up as well, what used to be high post-O temps are now low ones. And your chart looks more like O on cd15 to me too. Fingers crossed!