Monday, January 31, 2011

Cycle 2, here we go!!

I've been a bit MIA, no real reason, just didn't feel like blogging.

There have been 5 pregnancy announcements amongst my real-life acquaintances since I last blogged. 

I also encountered a mother-to-be (probably around 7-8 months along) smoking a cigarette outside of her place of employment (not to be rude, but it was a gas station, so go figure).  If there would not have been someone behind me in line, I think I would have ripped her a new one, but I was afraid that if I opened my mouth, I wouldn't stop.  And really, what she chooses to do and how she chooses to abuse her unborn child is her own business.  I just wish that selfish people like that would think about how much others would KILL to be in their shoes and that they would realize that children are PRECIOUS.  But they don't, so I don't know why I get myself all worked up about it.

I was on 100mg of Clomid this cycle, and I could definitely tell the difference between that and the 50mg.  I had hot flashes, headaches, and just felt yucky overall.  It was worth it, though, because at my monitoring ultrasound this morning, I had a 19mm follie on the right and a 21mm follie on the left.  My lining was about 7mm, but he showed me the "three lines" on the screen that shows that it's still nice and fluffy, albeit thinner than last time.  I got my trigger shot, and we're ready to rock!

Grouper's been taking his antibiotics faithfully, and tomorrow morning we're doing the full IUI, regardless of if there are an abnormal number of white blood cells (they'll just put me on an antibiotic if there's an issue).  I'm a bit nervous that it's going to be a lot more uncomfortable than the high cervical insemination, but I think I can handle it.

I'm hoping that Sloper's successful IUI is a sign that mine will be, definitely gives me hope!


  1. I would've wanted to give that pregnant chick a piece of my mind too...but she wouldn't listen anyways b/c apparently she doesn't give a shit. UGH.

    You have two nice sized follies all ready to go and definitely doing the IUI this time - great news! Hopeful for you!

  2. Yay! Glad to hear the Clomid seemed to help this time! I'll be praying for you tomorrow!:)

  3. Good luck tomorrow, Gidget! I hope hope hope this is it for you. Two gorgeous follies sounds great. I pray this is your lucky IUI.