Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2

We repeated the procedure this morning.  That was the original plan, even before there was a risk of infection.  I apparently ovulated at around 12AM today, so yesterday was to try to get to the sperm there before ovulation, today was to try to squeak some more in there before it's too late.  Even though the preliminary culture results came back today showing no signs of infection, the culture has to "grow" for a whole week, so they could not risk doing a full IUI in case there still could be an infection.  I got to look at the sample under the microscope again, and there were not near as many white blood cells in it today and those little swimmers were swimming away!  The nurse asked me if Grouper ate his Wheaties this morning, because todays numbers were off the charts in comparison to yesterday - 29.2 million sperm AFTER the wash (yesterday's was only 6.1).  I think that the myth that abstinence builds more sperm has been debunked for us.  We had 2.5 days of abstinence going into yesterday, and yet only 24 hours later, we get 5 times the amount.....hmmm.  The nurse said that she targeted the sample really well today, so I'm hoping that it works.  I'm not super super hopeful, but I guess there's nothing I can do now but wait.  They're giving me the option of testing at home using an HPT (which I won't do because I had an HCG shot, which could potentially give a false positive), waiting,for AF to show up, or coming into the office on the 18th for a blood draw.  I'm not sure what I want to do yet....I guess I'll just see how I feel as the days go on.  I'm going to try to relax and distract myself as much as possible.  Last night I went out for dinner and shopping with friends, which was fun, and my substitute teaching paperwork is due to come through and be finalized by the end of the week, so hopefully I can start WORKING soon!  I'm not going to go full time or anything crazy like that (haha), but it will be nice to feel like I'm contributing to society again.  Grouper got me a 60 minute deluxe massage for my birthday (complete with hot rocks, yippee!), so I think I'll try to schedule that appointment for late this week or sometime next week, too. 

I got myself a new journal that I'm going to use to write down all of this gobbledy gook pertaining to fertility that tends to cloud my head in times like these. Yes, blogging helps, too, but I find handwriting it to be more therapeutic for some reason, and I've really let my journaling slide in the past couple years.  I'm going to try to get back into it, because once I do finally get pregnant, I want to start writing a journal of letters to my child, starting in utero and continuing throughout his or her life until adulthood.  It's kinda corny, but I think it has the potential to be special and could be a valuable keepsake when I'm gone. 

Well, I'd better get may be a little quiet around here for the next couple of weeks, but then again, it may not, it depends on how delusional I become during this two week wait.  :)


  1. Have you ever done the Me You Health challenge? Check it out at and it gives a daily challenge to make life better. I started doing it and love it. I thought you might too. Good luck keeping distracted.. I know it is hard!

  2. I'm so hopeful & excited for you! Let me know which night works best for you and we'll get together so I can fill one of those days in your 2ww!