Monday, April 4, 2011

Stop this crazy train, I wanna get off!

So - remember how last post, I was totally zen about the thought of taking a break for the summer and that at the end of the break, we'd probably start talking about adoption a little more seriously?


The lab tech from the RE's office called today with the full results from Grouper's detailed semen analysis that we did Saturday.


I am so confused and bewildered right now.  The morphology has always been the issue - he had less than 1% on the first one, 1% on his second one (mind you, these were done at an independent lab), and for this one on Saturday, his morphology was 4%, which according to the lab tech, is "normal."  Motility was good, count was good, volume was good.

So what the hell, universe?

Why can't we get pregnant?  For that matter, why can't we get pregnant on our own?

I am for sure still taking at least a month off, but now, after the break, I'm not sure what to do.

Total mindf**k.  AGAIN.

So, my fellow and former IF'ers,  what say you about morphology?  Has anyone else's spouse had issues and then all of a sudden, they're gone?


  1. My spouse has not had any morphology issues, but one of my close friends who uses the same RE as me, her spouse does. Well, sometimes. It has been strange for them as well. With one of her husband's samples, it was 2, then 6, then 4. He started taking "Fertility Blend" after he received the news on the first sample and a few weeks later received the 6. My friend seemed to think that the "Fertility Blend" helped.

  2. I wish I knew some information on morphology to help you, but MFI is one thing I haven't googled and researched to death.

    I'm glad that everything came back normal but I hate that it leaves you w/o an answer still. hoping that this cycle is the one. hugs

  3. LG only had the one test run on his morphology, and since it came back at 3% post-wash and all the rest of his numbers were well above average, no one thought it was worth investigating any further. They checked his count and motility at every IUI (and they were always really good) but not his morph #s.

    My RE said morph is the least important MFI element. I think it's worse if coupled with lower counts and motility. The urologist LG visited said that because his other numbers were so good, he didn't even think we had MFI.

    So...yeah. We still don't know why it was so hard to get pregnant, but since 2 out of our 3 IUIs led to a conception and only 1 out of our 15 natural cycles did, I have to think morph was an issue. But who knows!

  4. Well, that is good news, sort of!:) Hopefully you can get it all figured out soon. This news gives me some hope for us! Love you, friend!

  5. J had a 4% morphology one time too (after getting a 1% on the first one) and the urologist said both these numbers were bad. On the third one he had a 2%, so basically he was all over the map, but never "good." When we met with the RE she said that those numbers aren't as bad if the other numbers are good. Maybe it all just depends who you talk to?

    I've also heard good things about vitamins - J is now taking a daily men's multi-vitamin, not sure if it's helping any, but we figured it can't hurt.

  6. I'm sorry...I mean in a way it's great that everything came back normal but then it leaves you at a loss again. It's like really, WTF?!?!?!? I have friends that are going through the same thing. They've been trying for 2 years because their tests continue to come back normal but they can't seem to get pregnant and the doctors can't explain it saying "sometimes there are no real reasons as to why you can't"......REALLY!??!!? WTF did you go to school and spend millions of dollars to study for?!?!? I then after another couple from my support group that had 1 healthy baby 7 years ago (no complications), then they lost their 2nd child at about 37 weeks (TRAGIC!!!) and now they're trying to get pregnant again and are having issues.

    IT IS A MIND F'K!!!! And sometimes you just get exhausted and tired. Your mind just can't take it all in. Maybe it's best to take a time out and see what happens.

  7. I'm sorry, Gidget, that must be difficult news. I have heard that these numbers fluctuate, and seem to remember that for H's first SA, morphology was not an issue (don't have that in writing though), whereas now it was rather bad. But he's also under a lot of stress, which cannot be good.
    Thinking of you, and hoping that the break will do you good.