Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 weeks feels like 2 YEARS!

This 2ww is taking an especially long time, it seems.

I don't know if it's because this is the first time I'm charting, so I feel like we might have more chance of a BFP this cycle, or if it's because I keep "thinking" I'm having symptoms.
But I'm only 6dpo, so that can't really be possible, can it?  It's all in my head, right?  You know, because I want a BFP so badly!
And the "symptoms" I'm having could all be explained in more than one way. 
  • Am I having headaches because of my sinuses and high barometric pressure, or am I PG?
  • Am I really tired (like REALLY tired) because I have had headaches and haven't slept well, or am I PG?
  • Am I peeing a lot because I drink a lot of tea and water throughout the day, or am I PG?
  • Am I irritable just because people at work are annoying?
  • Did I really see the slightest bit of spotting yesterday (and my temperature dipped), or am I dreaming?
  • And why, oh why is my freaking eye twitching?
I'm reminded of some lyrics to a Brett Dennen song:
"It's enough to make you go CRAAAAAAZY, woah oh oh oh,
It's enough to make you MAAAAAAD!
It's enough to make you go crazy.....
and I'm amazed I haven't yet!"


  1. I'm a day behind you and am also having that headache that won't go away thing going on, I'm sure its just a headache...but can't help but wonder if it could be related?? Oh please let it be related!! Hang in there, you're almost halfway done!!!

  2. I'm in my 2ww too and I too am feeling every twinge and cramp and sniffle and wondering...maybe....

    But I'm only 3DPO so I don't think any symptoms would have actually set in yet. I have my fingers crossed for you on this cycle!

  3. Wait, you're saying I'm not 31 now? I could swear I celebrated two birthdays since I ovulated.