Sunday, February 21, 2010


My Chart

So I put in my temp this morning, and I get a message saying that due to temperature fluctuations, FF has now detected that I ovulated on Thursday, not Tuesday, as it had originally detected. I'm still not sure that it wasn't a thermometer fluke. I take my temperature at the same time and in the same manner every day, but I don't know...

So now, according to FF, I am technically 3dpo instead of 5dpo. And I had such a good feeling about this cycle, too. Now I'm not sure. And of course, as usual during every 2ww, I am noticing every twinge, every cramp, and I'm over-analyzing everything---I'm sure most of it is in my head. Reading some of the early symptoms I found on this site probably aren't helping my cause.

I'm not trying to wish my life away or anything, but seriously, I can't wait for the next week and a bit to be over so that I know one way or the other!


  1. Aw don't worry - you still did great timing with your BD so this could still be your cycle! I know - the 2ww is the WORST! Hopefully it passes quickly!

  2. The 2ww is miserable, no question. That's kind of a confusing chart, but I agree with FF going on the CM. As you chart more, you'll see some recurring patterns in how your temps rise-- my pre-o temps are NEVER above 97.9, so if I get 98 or above, I'm pretty sure I ovulated.

    I agree that your sex is really well timed (go you!) and you've got a great shot!