Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Body, what are you up to?

So as I've mentioned, I'm new at this charting thing. I think I'm getting the hang of it, though. So here's my first chart, for your viewing pleasure-- I was bad and started it after my cycle started.

My Ovulation Chart

As you can see, there was a pretty significant temperature jump today. I think that means that the ultimate "prime time" has passed, even though my little ticker at the top of the blog says otherwise. Tomorrow's temperature will tell me for sure, I guess. So now, the dreaded 2 week wait begins....ugh, it's so long and agonizing. I always overanalyze every twinge I feel or anything that's out of the ordinary. It's enough to make me crazy. I'm going to try my best this month not to obsess. Key word: try. I'm not making any promises.
Although I said a long time ago that I'd NEVER be a person that would take the time to take my temperature every day, I think it's for my benefit. It's been really interesting to see patterns form and to be more "in tune" with my body. The body is an amazing thing, even when it doesn't do exactly what I want it to do!


  1. You did what I did with sharing your chart

    Go to FF, under My Chart pick "Sharing" then pick "Home Page Setup"

    The URL in the box at the top of the page is the one you use for sharing your chart.

    In other news, I think charting is helpful, I have found it to be helpful anyway. I am the same way with the 2ww - I try to just let it pass but then I end up wondering about everything. haha. I missed out on my 2ww last time! I hope this one gives you great results!

  2. I said I'd never be a temp taker either, but after trying so long it was nice to have some information and some numbers to analyze. now that I'm going to an RE and they're watching me there, I'm not temping, but I would if I was trying again on my own. I hope you like it and it gives you some good info about your cycle :-)

  3. I also temped prior to the RE, and I really liked doing it. It gave me something to look forward to every day, even though there are only a couple days of the month that are interesting, gotta love seeing that spike and knowing your body is doing something right! Good luck, and hang in there this tww!!!

  4. That is quite a jump. I think you're right--how great that we're right on schedule together! (Though you ovulated on day 16 and I ovulated on day 27, grumblegrumblegrumble)