Thursday, February 11, 2010

Am I alive?

I bought this thermometer last weekend and I've been trying to take my temperature and try my hand at this charting thing.

There's a problem, though.  Most of what I've read has suggested that the best time to take your temperature for charting purposes is first thing in the morning.  I have done that for the past three mornings, and my temperature has been in the high 95's or the low 96's. 

Isn't that really REALLY low?  When I take it later on in the day, or right before bed in some cases, it's in the 97's or right at normal.

So, is the thermometer broken, or is it the operator? 

What kind of thermometers do those of you who are charting use?


  1. It's pretty normal for you temp to fluctuate throughout the day. And it is normal to have your lowest body temp in the morning right after you wake up. You temp can range more than 1°F thoughout the day. Also if you tend to have lower temp than "normal" (I usually am about 97.5) then having a morning temp of 95-96 isn't abnormal.

    And since I am NOWHERE near trying to start baby making I have no idea what kind of thermometer would be best for you.

  2. I'm just impressed you know this much about temperatures! :)

  3. Your temperatures will be lower in the morning than later--because you're testing resting temperatures rather than temperatures affected by the movements of your day.

    You should use a basel body thermometer (measures to 1/10th of a degree rather than 2/10). I use the BD digital and got it on Amazon.

    Your temps seem totally normal to me. After charting for a cycle or two you'll see what is normal for your body. It should be a fairly consistent range from month to month (barring events like a miscarriage--that screwed my temperatures up last cycle). Mine falls between 97.0-97.7 before ovulation and 98.0-98.5 after ovulation. My resting temps are on the higher side. A lot of people have temps more in your range.

    Charting can be awesome and it can be stressful. I think it's great that you're giving it a try. You can always take a break if it becomes overwhelming (I took a 4 month break over the summer and fall), but in the meantime you'll be learning more about how your body works. Good luck!

  4. My temps were a LOT lower than I expected too. Definitely use a basal body thermometer (I just got mine at Meijier). Have you checked out the book "taking charge of your fertility"? You could probably get it from the library and it's (from what I've heard) the best book on temping. Good luck!

  5. I'm with the other girls - use a basal body thermometer - I picked mine up at Rite Aid for $10. Your temp will always be lower in the morning and you have to have three hours of undisturbed sleep to get the correct reading too.

    I pop mine in first thing every morning, before sitting up or talking because I've read those can affect your reading as well.

    My temps usually stay in the 97s before ovulation and go up to 98 after ovulation. You'll notice a pattern the more you chart. But hopefully for you - you won't have to chart again! :)

    Always hopeful!

  6. My bbt measures out to the 1/100th which I find is more accurate than the 1/10 ones. With that said, my pre ovulations temps are between 96.00 and 97.45. On clomid they were higher. Post O was 97.7 to 98.5.

    My normal body temp (like at the dr) has always been around 97.8-98.3. Never 98.6, lol

  7. I would totally recommend for charting. It's free for a basic membership and there's a ton of info. I've been using it for the past year and it's been so helpful! And you can even print out your charts to bring in to show your doctor when you go to and they might be able to get some better insight with that. Good luck!