Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've been triggered.

I went to the RE today for my monitoring appointment and trigger shot.  My endometrium was good, (9.2), I have one follicle on each side, and the one on the left was called "huge and gorgeous" by the RE, and he even showed me the actual egg floating around inside it during the ultrasound.  It was awesome!  He was very optimistic about this cycle and recommended that we try two back-to-back IUIs again this month.  I have one tomorrow and and one Friday, both at 830, which should work out perfect since I'll ovulate at around 9pm tomorrow night.  I just love my doctor.  We have a good rapport.  He's super nice, he likes college basketball and told me I have good taste in teams (a man after my own heart, haha) and today he even gave me the trigger shot himself.  It's the little things like that and the fact that he's willing to do the little things that make me feel so certain that we're in the right place right now and that he'll be able to help us to have a baby.

Wish us luck over the next two days.....when I told Grouper about my huge and gorgeous follie, he said, "Ok, now all you need is some huge, gorgeous, and strong sperm.  I'll get right on that."  Fingers crossed, y'all!


  1. GOOD LUCK GIDGET!!! My fingers are crossed that this is the one and there will be at least one beautiful spermy in there ready to get the job done!

  2. Yes, good luck! My fingers are crossed too :)