Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Game Plan

Now that I have two complete FF charts, I feel a lot more confident that Grouper and I will get our BFP sooner rather than later. My past two cycles "on paper" are a lot different than I had previously perceived my cycles to be when I wasn't officially keeping track....they're a couple days longer, and I apparently ovulate later in the cycle than I ever would have guessed. Even though I haven't gotten pregnant again yet, I am very grateful that these two cycles were at least similar - now it's only a matter of timing!

The plan for this month is that we're going to hold off the best we can on our "extracurricular marital activities" until very close to the expected ovulation day, which I'm projecting to be either day 17 or 18. It has been brought to my attention by a few of my friends (who know what they're talking about because they're either pregnant right now or have been recently) that Grouper and I may not be giving his swimmers enough time to build up and be strong enough to make the journey because we have too much sex. :) Oops, what can I say? We like each other....a lot. I guess we can find other ways to express that so that we can finally have a baby!

It took us approximately 5 cycles the first time we tried for us to get pregnant, and this is cycle 5 since we've been trying post m/c, and 5 is my lucky number, so I'm feeling pretty good.


  1. You could also use OPK's. I've decided to stick with those and forget the temping. Since apparently, the temperature shift varies by woman in terms of how long after ovulation that it occurrs (0 - 3 days or so). So basically, unless you are worried that you aren't ovulating at all (I was! which was why I started temping, but now affirmed, I am quitting), temping seems sort of useless.

    I also found an article on sperm quality/quantity between 0 and 15 days after the last ejaculation. I'll rummage around for it when I get the time, but basically it showed that sperm is at it's highest quality around 4-10 days since the last bout of intercourse. Even at 48 hours since the last ejaculaton it isn't so great. But one day later is not so good at all. That was the worst. waiting even 14 days was better, in terms of sperm quality, than only 1 day.

    I'll send it along if I find it.

  2. Sex everyday or every other day is fine during your fertile period provided that Grouper's swimmmers are fine. Heard this from multiple doctors and RE's. Because we weren't about to cut back on our frequency, lol (2 days in a row then a break on the third when he was working overnight). We knew the issue was with me, so we continued our usual routine the month we got our bfp. so keep temping just in case your o date changes (like mine did every 4 months or so) Good luck!

  3. I hope 5 is your lucky # again. Looks like we're on the same schedule for this cycle (though I'm sure I'll ovulate after you), so I hope it can be lucky for both of us!