Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The long, boring stretch.

I haven't posted much around here lately....probably because there's nothing much to report.  We're just in that stretch of the cycle where I'm not fertile and haven't ovulated yet.....I guess you could consider it waiting for the 2 week wait.  Ugh. 

As I reported in my game plan post, we're going to try to "save up" this month until very close to ovulation day, and then go for the gold.  I don't know if there's any merit to this or not, but hey, I'm up for trying anything at this point.  Grouper is also taking vitamin C each day, so hopefully that will help our chances a bit, too. 

Grouper is already making little joking comments about how I need to hurry up and get pregnant so that we don't have to schedule sex or restrain ourselves anymore. :)  He's so funny and so supportive...I couldn't get through all of this mumbo jumbo without him!

Lastly.....a big congrats to Al from Mission: Motherhood who got a very sneaky BFP recently!!!  YAY, AL!!!  I'm wishing you the best of luck!  I like that I have been able to congratulate people lately....keep em' coming, ladies! 


  1. We're right on schedule together. I hope this is the cycle for both of us!

  2. haha - I agree - I hope this is your cycle too. Scheduling and restraining are not fun!

  3. Ha ha. Grouper sound like such a good hubby:) Hoping this is it for you!