Monday, April 19, 2010

Did we miss it?

So we developed the game plan at the end of last cycle with hopes that by making our extracurriculars less frequent, we'd have better swimmer quality.  Sounds good, right? 

We refrained from relating maritally for 5 days, which is atypical for us. We caved on Saturday morning (CD 15), not only from temptation, but also because I was feeling some cramping/back pain and thought maybe it was a bit of ovulation pain.  Our original plan was to wait until Sunday and then go every other day until the spike.

Last night, I slept horribly.  Like, so horribly that I only got 4 hours' sleep.  When I temped this morning, my temp was up enough that I got crosshairs.  On CD 14.  Which means that technically, we missed it.  I'm just hoping that FF will move my O day a couple days this cycle (just like it has in the 2 previous cycles).  The high temp could be because I didn't get any restful sleep.  Yeah, that's it.  :)  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.  Time will tell.

I had a rough weekend sentimentally.  I reverted back to almost crying every time I saw a pregnant woman out and about, which I haven't done for months.  I think it's because I saw a post from this blog and remembered that her due date is 7 days before what my due date would have been. Seeing her belly pics and picturing myself at that point in a pregnancy really made my heart hurt. If things would have worked out, I'd be almost to my third trimester.....maybe I'd even be in my third trimester, I'm not sure.  Bah.  I have to quit thinking like that.'s to a BFP this cycle (and hoping that my O day gets moved!)


  1. *hugs* Keep thinking positive thoughts. Like I said - the AM after O isn't a bad deal, even if FF doesn't move your CH (which I think it will) you still have a good chance of catching that egg! Good for you for listening to your body! Come on Gidget - look at you figuring things out! That's AWESOME.

    I had an up & down weekend too - I actually watched Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Babies - did you know Bran & Angelina spent FOUR MILLION DOLLARS on the delivery of their twins! FOUR MILLION!

  2. Oh Gidget, I'm sorry it was a hard weekend. I've also been having more frequent "bad days" the closer we get to the EDD (mine was June 26th). I don't read blogs of women with due dates right around when mine was because it hurts too much. You might want to consider doing the same.

    I hope the timing works out for you this cycle, and it still could. The temp spike could totally be a fluke. I'm in the "will I ever freaking ovulate" stage right now. Such fun!

  3. I always get a spike when I sleep badly, and I suspect that's what's going on. I really hope so! I am sure it is, considering that you've been regularly ovulating AFTER cd 15. How cruel would fate be to do this to you now???

    I am sorry you're having a hard time this week-- My moods definitely fluctuate all the time, and was having a rough time of it on Saturday. I really hope we all get our bfp's this month.

    Hand tight!

  4. Hey hun, so sorry for the tough weekend. I've been there and it sucks beyond belief when you see people who got pregnant the same time as you did, its totally heart wrenching. And approaching the due date, it's the worst...mine was Jan 4th and of course hubby's friend had a baby on that day. I mean come on!! Hoping those crosshairs correct themselves in a day or two!!