Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The stair-step effect

Ok, so FF still says that O day was day 14....but if you'll notice, my crosshairs are dotted, which they say is because the CM and the temperatures aren't coinciding.  I am totally mystified by the fact that I've had the same temperature for 2 days in a row 3 times in a row.  And this is the 4th time this cycle that I've had the exact same temp for 2 consecutive days.  My chart looks like a staircase! That is so weird!  Grouper and I did the deed in the early morning of day 15 (based on me listening to the signs my body was giving me) and the late night of day 16, and we're planning to do it again tonight.  I, by the way, hate having to "schedule" sex....I'm so over all of that.

Anyway, I checked the chart gallery on FF and I found only one chart that is like mine that resulted in pregnancy.  I would lie if I said that my hopes aren't majorly dashed, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I have a temp spike tomorrow and that my crosshairs move and become a solid line.  :)


  1. Chart comparison is the devil! It gets in your head something awful, lol. I think if you have another watery cm day it will remove your ch. Good luck!

  2. I think you may have your CH's moved still but I'm still hopeful for you even if they don't move!

  3. I find it REALLY hard to believe that you o'd BEFORE you got any wet cm.

    I still vote for LH sticks.... instead of temping. Then just have sex every day for 3 days after your +. No brainer... for you guys at least, you being very lucky that your dh doesn't respond negatively to the stress of sex-on-command-and-not-because-I-love-you. But of course, I am lucky to have 28 day cycles, but you don't see either ONE of us with a damn child!!! So, whatever...

  4. I'm thinking CD 17 is a possibility, given the CM and the slow rise.

    Whenever that fickle bitch FF decides to give you your crosshairs, I hope this is your month, dear.

  5. I wish I could recall what my chart looked like for this pregnancy, but it didn't look great, either. Even FF wasn't right. I do agree with you, though.. scheduling sex stinks. I always tell people, it is all fun until there is a mission to complete. Then it becomes work. Hang in there girl!