Monday, March 15, 2010

Afternoon Delight

We went home to eat lunch today, as we do on most days, and while there, (warning, TMI alert!) I discovered that I had, more-so than I've ever noticed before. The last time I noticed something like that, I ended up pregnant, and like last time, it is happening really early in my cycle (I'm at CD 12, and I didn't ovulate last month until CD 17).

I immediately came out of the bathroom and told the Grouper, "Um, you and I need to have sex. Right now."

He raised his eyebrows and said, " you think I'd ever turn down a statement like that?"

So we ate our grilled cheese sandwiches and went upstairs and did the wild thing.

There are perks to having the same lunch hour as your husband, folks. People joke around with us about it all the time.

So, anyway....I'm hoping that we covered our bases for today.....and I totally sang "oooooh, sky rockets in flight....ooooooh, afternoon delight!" when it was over. Not joking. You'll think that's funny if you've seen them sing it acapella in the movie Anchorman.

Here's the latest chart--nothing out of the ordinary so far.

My Chart