Thursday, March 4, 2010

CD 31

I don't think that since I've been TTC, I've ever made it to CD 31 (save the month I was pregnant for a bit). I am usually a 28 day (29 day max!) girl.

Last night I felt terrible. I came home from work and collapsed on the couch. I had a brain-splitting headache and I was really tired. Grouper came home from work and told me that I didn't look very good. I showered before bed and felt much better, but still had a headache. When I got up and took my temp, it was 97.8.....still high for me.

I tested again this morning, since it's 14dpo, and I still got a negative. Still no signs of the curse showing up. I think I'm making a run to the drugstore on my lunch hour....and if I still haven't received the curse by tomorrow, I'm testing again. This is weird.


  1. You already know my thoughts, I hope you go with the digital and I hope to know ASAP!

  2. Glad your temp is still high, that's a great sign. Do you have any other symptoms?

    Fingers crossed this is it for u!