Friday, March 5, 2010

Bits of advice.

Note to anyone who would ever think of doing this:  Don't EVER make the decision to finish the book My Sister's Keeper on CD 1 when you're already emotional from the stupid trick that your body played on you by making AF THREE DAYS LATE. 

It results in a lot of crying.

Note #2:  Don't ever get online and start reading the baby blog section after a disappointing cycle.  Chances are your reader will be full of belly shots and everyone else's BFP stories.  And yes, I am happy for all of those people today, but yesterday I was not in a good state of mind.  I was just flat out bitter and jealous. 

Note #3:  Be sure to have lots of awesome TTC bloggy buds and a very supportive husband to catch you when you fall.

Note #4:  Do allow yourself one honkin' glass of wine on CD1.  Even if you've given it up for Lent.  It will taste FANTASTIC.


  1. You need to make me a promise. No more Jodi Picoult TFN. They are manipulated to make you sob uncontrollably, and they play with your emotions. "My Sister's Keeper" is a great book... but it's evil. I have 5 JP books that I refuse to read because I just KNOW that it's going to make me cry. That would make anyone cry. For someone whose going through a lot emotionally? Forget it. So no more Jodi Picoult!!!

  2. I had a similar post a few months back after one of the worst CD1s:

    Sorta the same rules.

    And sooo glad you had that big glass of wine. Hope you have a good weekend. And here's to this cycle being "THE ONE."

  3. Yeah, I had that as a book on CD and was sobbing on my drive home one day. Nice. I'm glad you know we're here for you whenever you need it and I really glad you let yourself have a glass of wine, you earned it. Have a great weekend with the family. Talk to you soon!

  4. I am here for you. You know that, so there was really no need for me to say it just now. Oh well, already did!

    Skype soon?

    PS: Are you going to update your other blog? I miss FG! xo

  5. Booo! I had my fingers crossed.

    Just for the record, I wouldn't read/watch My Sister's Keeper at any point EXCEPT the week after period.

    And why in the hell would you give up wine for Lent? ... ... ... Oh wait, I kinda did too. Nevermind.

  6. Good rules. I had a dream last night that I had wine. This is either a sign of my secret alcoholism or a clever way for my subconscious to get around the Lent ban.