Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Chart - CD 27

Here's my chart as of today.  I'm feeling fairly normal, just tired - - but I'm pretty sure that's due to the vacation we just finished...I always find it difficult to get back into the routine after a long time off.  I've also noticed a bit of tenderness in my chesticles, but that's kinda typical for where I am in my cycle.  I've been making notations of every little twinge I've had, but I do that more because I sit here and overanalyze everything out of boredom....work is a bit monotonous since I've been back.

I'm not getting my hopes up this cycle, but maybe that's for the best...I must admit that my SIL's miscarriage has me a bit paranoid and freaked out right now.  I know it shouldn't, but I guess since I've been there, the thought that it's possible that it could happen again is really REALLY scary.

And the wait continues.....


  1. Totally hear you on that...I don't think this is our cycle either. But hopefully waiting none the less.

  2. I'm 10 dpo, so we'll probably get AF right around the same time, if she comes. I'm also not so optimistic, even though my temps are still high, because they routinely stay high through AF.

    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you. I get that SIL's recent m/c would have you nervous, but I feel like we can be freaked out about that once we get the BFP.

  3. Yes, I definitely have fingers crossed for you. I have given up for myself- but hope was fun for a day or 2!
    Another miscarriage is definitely something I am not going to worry about until I get to "first base". :)
    But I understand that it might be awkward if you got pregnant right now.