Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wait, wait, wait


Still no sure signs of AF.  It should have showed up yesterday or sometime today.  Yesterday my temp was really high (but Grouper was gone on business, and when he's gone, I sleep with the ceiling fan OFF), and today, since he's home, the ceiling fan was ON and I woke up half out of the covers, and my temp dropped a degree and a half.

My chesticles (yes I really call them that, so what?) have been bigger since yesterday and I have been having some soreness under my armpits, which was the first thing I noticed when I was pregnant before.  Other than that, not too much to report.

I am planning to test again tomorrow morning if nothing has happened yet.....I want to think there's still hope for us this cycle, but I'm afraid to get too excited.

So I'm just waiting.


  1. I totally understand the frustration and the not wanting to get your hopes up and do. Like I said - IF you have a next cycle, change up your thermometer! That could make all the difference in the world! I can't wait to hear what tomorrows test says and I'm keeping my fingers crossed AF is MIA for nine months!

  2. Ooooo, getting excited for you over here. Hope AF stays far far away for the next 9 months...