Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chart Update

My chart is wonky AGAIN this month.

At first, it was looking good.  After the ewcm encounter that I took advantage of a week and a half ago, I was feeling pretty good about everything.  FF promptly predicted that I had ovulated on CD 14, which corresponded perfectly with my CM and how I was feeling. 

Hah.  No such luck.  I put my temp in a couple days ago, and it moved my ovulation day to CD 18.  FOUR DAYS past what I originally thought and what FF originally marked.  Here's what the chart looks like now.  Take note of what CD 14 looked like as well.  That was the original O day.

My Ovulation Chart

Has anyone else had FF move their ovulation day?  What effect did it have on the outcome of your chart?

I'm just so frustrated.  I am finding it difficult to figure out what's going on with my body when FF has changed my ovulation day both months I've been using it.  Last month, it was only a discrepancy of two days.  This month, it's four days.  Today, I would be 8 dpo based on the original chart.  Now, I'm 4 dpo.  I don't really feel any major symptoms going on, so is that because I'm not pregnant or because it's too early?  I'm also worried that my temps could be messed up this month because I've slept in my bed, at my in-laws', and in 4 different hotel rooms this week alone, and obviously the temperature and sleeping conditions are going to be different in each place.  I've also been having a few beers here and there, which can influence temps.

Being on vacation this week has been a really nice distraction, but the closer I get to home, the more pressure I'm starting to feel.  I'm going to see my SIL on Saturday...we're going to a Taylor Swift concert together.  It'll be the first time I've seen her since she told me about her BFP.  I'm sure that will be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster....I'm just hoping and praying that I don't make a fool of myself or show my disappointment that I'm not pregnant/jealousy that she is pregnant blatantly on my face.

More to come once I'm back home.




  1. I kind of agree with FF (and don't worry, your timing was good in either case). FF is calling my o date for 2 days earlier than I think it was. I keep expecting her to change it, but she hasn't yet.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. Yea, looking at the chart, I kinda agree with FF's new date. It looked like you had a spike, but it went right back down to cover the next day and spiked again. You still have a shot though!!

    Good luck at the concert, I hope it's not too awkward.

  3. Aaaaand she changed mine this morning. We're right around the same point post-o, so let's keep each other sane during this 2ww.

  4. FF has moved my o date - to not ever happening. haha. My last cycle was the first I ever actually o'd in. I'm still waiting for this one. I agree with FF new date as well - it makes a lot of sense.

    And my temps are wonky this month too - I think it's because of the time change and the weather changing. You could be totally right, with all the traveling you're doing I'm sure your temps aren't as true as they would be if you were at home.

    Don't worry though, it looks like you have BD covered no matter what day!