Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What the smell is that?

Sitting where I sit here at work, I'm often subjected to quite the array of smells.

People who forget to shower, people's lunches, cigarette smoke from the clothes of our smoking patrons, coffee, tea, perfume, cleaning products, you name it.

The worst one at this very moment:  The turkish coffee of the guy who sits in the office behind my desk.  When he walks by from making it, I just want to gag.

When I was pregnant, the first thing I noticed was the fact that I could smell absolutely everything from a mile away.  I'm just hoping that when it happens next time, the smells don't turn my stomach enough to make me hurl, because I'm already to that point now and I'm not even pregnant! 



  1. Oh dear. I hate when the phantom symptoms continue after AF. Yesterday I felt a boob twinge and had this Pavlovian reaction. Maybe I'm--! (no, dumbass, you're not, I answered myself. You're on CD 10).

  2. Yup! to both-- the phantom symptoms and the smells at work. I have a restaurant next door and get garlicky smells all the time. That may sound ok, but it isn't great when it is ALL THE TIME. Especially in the summer and the AC isn't doing anything. I also have a guy who plays guitar and sings the same repertoire over and over again ('Life is a highway' again, anyone?)

    I'll trade you guitar-dude for the turkish coffee guy. Maybe he can drown out the garlic.

  3. That is my fear as well, I already have a super sniffer. I keep hearing how your sense of smell increases even more when pregnant - I don't know if I'll be able to handle that!

  4. If it comes to that, I say you make a bee-line for his garbage can. Payback's a bitch. ;-)